Friday, February 29, 2008


I was on the radio this morning.
I was nervous.
I'll write about it this weekend.


How She Really Does It is a local radio show hosted by Koren Motekaitis, it "...covers a variety of topics, including balancing work and family, financial issues, career, building businesses, parenting, education, religion, and youth sports. This talk show is meant to inspire, empower, entertain and be a resource for women."

It was such a great experience being on Koren's show. At first, I was so nervous but after about 15 minutes I loosened up. My throat was dry and I kept trying to clear it. Oh well. We talked about how the business started, the demands of owning your own business, working with your spouse, being moms, the whole issue of trying to do or have it all (I told her that I've had to learn to let some things go and joked that our babysitter is probably climbing over piles of dirty laundry at home as I was talking to her) and a bunch of other topics. It was like we were hanging out and having coffee. The Monkey was able to hear it for a little bit in his baby sitter's car, which I think is pretty neat. As soon as Koren is able to get a Podcast of it, I'll post it. That's me on the left and Koren on the right. Thanks Koren, it was a blast.

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