Friday, May 11, 2007

Springtime with The Monkey

The weather here in Northern California has been beautiful lately. This has afforded all animals to enjoy the benefits of spring, including The Monkey. In the last week he was able to play with and walk his godfathers' dog CheChe Lobo. The Monkey was gentle and listened well. CheChe was pretty happy too. Moving on, at the beginning of his school day on Thursday, The Monkey witnessed three new baby chicks being hatched. This is a good because the first chick that was hatched earlier in the week will now have bubbies. The Monkey was very sad and wanted it to have a mama, dada, bubbies and a meow. Now that it has three new bubbies to play with, The Monkey wants to know when will they have a meow of their own. Hmmm. And finally, The Monkey's car "had a leak" (created by himself with water), so instead of taking it to the shop, he wanted to fix it. "Mama, I will fix it, cause it's my job to do. I like to fix things." Note the different tools and how his car has water underneath it. As his mother, I am taking great joy in watching his imagination grow and watching what he does with it. I hope he always finds ways to fix things and make them better so others can benefit from what he has to give.

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