Saturday, February 10, 2007

Working Away

Tom printing in the studio.

We've been super busy working away at all aspects of life. But the latest, is getting our 100% organic cotton colored t-shirts off the ground. We are now offering these shirts in our kid's Color Theory designs and Basics. It's been quite a tasking finding just the right colors. They couldn't be too light, like all the other organic shirts out there using the standard line up of pink, light blue and maybe a pale yellow or green, or too cutesie. Our colors are bold and orignial that both boys and girls could wear (some boys like pink). Even more important, these cool looking shirts are eco-friendly too.

Here is some info about them from our Customer Care page:

nina and tom's 100% organic cotton t-shirts are hand-dyed using the lowest impact dyes available. The shirts themselves are made of 100% U.S. grown organic cotton, sewn in Los Angeles, CA and then sent to us. We then, dye and print the shirts ourselves in our workshop. In other words, keeping the whole process in the United States
When you purchase organic cotton clothing, you are supporting a pesticide free environment not only for the planet but for humans and other living creatures, as well. Cotton is 3% of the worlds agriculture but requires 27% of pesticides use. This occurs during the cotton cultivation process. According to the National Cancer Institute, it is suspected of causing 10,000 deaths a year in the U.S.. Cotton is grown for much more than fabric. Cottonseed oil is used a lot in commercial food preparation and cottonseed is a major component in silage, a mixture most livestock eat. So our meats, unless grass fed, are not necessarily untouched. So, we like to think that our organic t-shirts are not just t-shirts, they truely are something special.

We will be adding baby onesies and adults to the site soon.

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Beebee Mod said...

Yay! Organic! Love those shirts Nina. They are so sweet.