Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mt. Shasta Breast Cancer Climb Update

While it's true that Gil & I took a vacation to Hawaii and just returned, please don't think that he slacked off on his training just because he was at the beach! He actually got up early for long beach runs; carried granddaughter, Satya, around on his back to simulate the weight of his back pack and did a few hikes on the mountain trails of Kauai. And, even though we got home late Saturday night, he got up early last Sunday to head to Stinson Beach for a 12 mile hike with his 40 lb. pack. Best of all, he said he felt great.

In between the Breast Cancer Fund hikes, he's still managing some UCD stadium stair climbing and using the weekends to hike in the Berryessa hills. And this weekend, he'll attend snow school up in Mt. Shasta City. I didn't even know there was such a school but it does make sense that novice climbers know how to climb with crampons and use an ice ax.

The fundraising is coming along slowly but surely. Thanks to everyone who has donated and thanks to those of you who have committed to donate. The economy isn't making that rapid recovery we hoped for, but neither has breast cancer gone away so this effort is still hugely important.

Donations can be made directly at this web address: or if more convenient a check can be mailed to 525 Hudson Ct., Davis, Ca 95616. Checks should be made payable to Breast Cancer Fund.

Attached are a couple of photos of the training; one is with my sister-in-law, Alice Dunning, whose energy and commitment to this cause was infectious enough to convince me to participate and one is with my youngest training partner, Satya Starlight.

Until next month - si se puede; yes we can!

Thanks you guys, keep up the great work.

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