Sunday, January 20, 2008

Compostmodern 08

Soapbox Time

Yesterday, I was fortunate to go to an all day conference devoted to transitioning sustainability in design and business. There were many discussions and ideas (my head is pretty full). One being, "Cradle to Cradle" recycling, a more full circle form of recycling. For example, you are encouraged to bring back your used, worn out clothing you bought from Nau and they will take it and make a whole new garment from it. But the biggest thing I took from the conference was that we must no longer think and act on the "It's all about me." attitude and way of life. If we are going to save the planet, ourselves and our children, we must think more socially. We must end the drive of individual ownership of every single thing and begin to think of our selves as users and borrowers.
We must share. We must be transparent. We must act now.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
-Native American Proverb

Please check out the following websites to learn more about the individuals and business who are making the revolution begin.

Alex Steffen and World Changing
Everyone needs this book.

Mark Galbraith Nau Clothing
Urban outdoor clothing made with sustainable production; "Cradle to Cradle" design.
And not granola.

Jean-Charles Boisset Boisset Family Estates
French Wine organically grown with biodynamic farming techniques, in state of the art sustainable packaging.

Valerie Casey The Designers Accord
"...A call to arms for designers to reduce the environmental impact caused by design, and to work collaboratively to inspire sustainable change."

Adam Werbach Act Now Productions
"...the driving force behind Wal-Mart's strategy to become a global leader in sustainability and internal sustainability communications aimed to educate and engage the heart and soul of the organization-its 1.3 million U.S. Associates."

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