Friday, April 27, 2007

Plastic God

The family did something crazy and went to San Francisco for 1/2 a day to see our dear friend Plastic God. He had been asked to paint a room for Hotel D'Arts, in his notorious style. Plastic God and nina go way back, about 15 years. We met at Pasadena City College, where we were taking design, painting and drawing classes. He knew he was an artist, nina didn't know anything. Plastic God went on to The Art Center, worked in the corporate world, quit that and now makes his cool heads that he is famous for (nina has Billy Idol and Police). nina went on to drift around (a.k.a party), fall in love, finish school and now makes baby and kids clothes. Strange where life takes you. It was great to see him and talk about things, past, present and future, all the while having The Monkey run around the pub. I'm so glad were still friends and miss the old days a little.

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