Friday, April 25, 2008

Mama's Day Giveaway

Happy Mama's Day to All You Lovely Ladies.

To celebrate all that you do, we are giving away three 24.7.365=Mom 100% organic cotton t-shirts.

Just share with us the following:

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are?

2. What color and size would you want if you won?

Black, White or Natural
S, M, L, XL and XXL (These are a women's cut t-shirt and run fitted and are not pre-shrunk)

3. Email address

4. Would you like our newsletter?

Giveaway will end May 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm PST


lisaray said...

1. Everyone tells me how patient and understanding I am with my 2 grown children. They are both in the autistic spectrum with seizure disorders. Although my daughter may be able to live on her own someday, my son will be with us forever. Some days, I don't see the patience other refer to, but we have made wonderful strides. They have both graduated from high school, and people comment on their good manners, so I must have done something right!
2. Black, XL
4. no thank you

Anonymous said...

1.That's a hard one. All I want to do is try my best. I had all these ideas as to what motherhood would be like, but when my turn came nothing could prepare me. For the hard moments and the unconditional, powerful love I feel for my little guy. So, I guess I didn't really answer the question, but I feel like I am in the process offiguring out my "mama uniqueness".
2.Would love a black T in XL please.
4.Already recieving your newsletter and loving it!

Unknown said...

I need this for my Mom!

JANA said...

1. I'm a new mommy-at least that's how I feel, but I think I'm unique because I want to educate my daughter in way that gives her the foundation to think for herself. I hope to raise a very independent thinker and hopefully the ground work me and my husband are laying down now will stick with her!

2. Black, XXL!
4. yes!

Anonymous said...

I am creating a "green" environment for my children to grow up in. Also teaching them to respect all people in addition to our environment, regardless of color or personal beliefs. We all live on the same planet and must take care of it as such.
black XXL
tvollowitz at aol dot com
already get newsletter because I've been drooling over your love and peace shirts for many moons now.
Stephanie V.

Deb said...

1. I try to be strict yet flexible with my kids and to keep as much patience as possible. I'm not sure that makes me 'unique', but it's the best I can come up with. :)
2. I would want a XXL in Natural
3. debmomof3(at)comcast(dot)net
4. I already get your newsletter. :)

Anonymous said...

I already have this T (so I'm not entering the contest) but I want to say that whenever I wear it, I get soooooooooo many great comments and smiles from people! It's an awesome shirt!

Also, as a stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful little boys, I like to say that my "contribution to society" is to raise up 3 good men (like their Daddy...and Tom, of course - LOL!). The world needs more good men!

Haute Again said...

Thanks Christine. We couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for the kind words.
You R-O-C-K!

I think I hear Peet's calling us.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win. I'm unique because I'm a very relaxed and easy-going Mom :)

Black, M please!

Marcia said...

I am not unique - most mothers do their very best and even when the best is not quite enough, they did their best. My two are wonderful adults now, wonderful spouses and wonderful parents. Black, size L, please

Terri Fisher said...

What an awesome t-shirt to celebrate all that Moms are my thoughts:

1. When my husband and I got married, we never thought that getting pregnant would be an issue for us...but it was. We wanted to adopt regardless, so when we were presented with biological brothers, we were terrified and thrilled all at the same time. Two years and countless court dates later (another story!) we were the parents of a 6 year old and an 8 year old. Then, as God would have it, we got pregnant...twice! I now am the busy mom of four boys, ages 13, 10, 3, and 6 months...I face unique circumstances daily as I deal with first girlfriend and first teeth all at the same time! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

2. I would want an XXL in Black.

3. tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

4. I would love to get your newsletter...please sign me up!

bosslady2898 said...

I have had quite a challenge being a mom. My kid's father and I split up when the kids were young and ended up living on opposite sides of the country. With the help of the computer, telephone, and lots of airline tickets, things worked out okay. They are now wonderful loving adults with great futures and a mom who loves them dearly!

Size L please
yes to newsletter

rmcgahagin said...

1. beauty and patience makes me the unique mom that i am

2. natural and a medium size if i won?

3. What makes you the unique mom that you are?


5. no thank you for newsletter

Anonymous said...

I am a unique mom as I am very calm, fair and get our boys involved in skills for development and give them as much social interaction that reflects that exposure by their manners and given them as much as education as their little heads can muster.
Size 2XL
yes to your newsletter

Anonymous said...

1. I love nothing more than a family game night and playing with my 2 daughters-they rock!
2. If I win, I would like a size xxl in black or any color you choose!
4.would love the newsletter

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

1. I drop everything for the kids
2. White, LArge
4. no newsletter. I have you added to my reader.

danosor said...

My friendliness,patience and teaching profession makes me unique as a mother.


Beverley said...

My children.
Natural, XXL
No, thank-you.

Meredith said...

I'm unique because I make up silly songs and rhymes all day!
I like the black XL shirt!

joannaonthelake said...

It hard to say why I am unique because that implies I think I am great, which for me I have a hard time complimenting myself. But I do now my 3 children, all under the age of 10 are very well behaved and have great dispositions, so I must be doing something right! I think my creative nature makes my mothering unique. There are always 3-4 different art projects going on around the house at one time. This can mean anything from painting to decoupage! I always involve the 2 oldest in those projects, my youngest is only 4 months old! I think bring art into a child's life at a young age makes me somewhat unique. I don't know. I would like a Black teeshirt in size Small. This is a very nice giveaway! It made me think a little bit about myself!

joannaonthelake said...

Oops, forgot to add, Yes I do want your newsletter! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

1. I don't think it's unique, but it's the most important thing I do....I try to spend one on one time with each of my three boys every day really listening to them.

2. White, L


No, thank you.

Pat Schraier said...

What makes me unique is that I'm certifiably nuts but my kids haven't caught on yet.

Daniel Burstein said...

1. My wife is unique because she is hilarious. Her and my daughter always get into these laughing fits, and she's the funniest mom I know, turning everything from petunias to poopy into a joke we can laugh at. Hey, you gotta laugh or you'll cry sometimes.
2. Black S
3. dangotmail AT yahoo (dot) com
4. no thanks

rewcath said...

I'm a unique mom because my kids are grown and still tell me I am a cool mom. My son's are wonderful, honest, hardworking men and I am so proud of them.

julie said...

1. humor all the time...makes me a fun mom
2. natural large
3.3beez at bellsouth dot net
4. yes

Anonymous said...

1. Patience and humor
2. Black XL
4. no thank you

Anonymous said...

1. I'm hoping to win this tee for my mom, so I'll describe her. My mom is the best. She's caring, patient, even-tempered, understanding, and super loving. She raised two kids and never complained. She never wanted anything for herself and was always there for us when we needed her. She spent her career working as a special ed teacher and retired two years ago. She is the best mom I could ever ask for and I'd love to win this gift for her.
2. Natural color, size XXL
4. Yes, please sign me up, thanks

windycindy said...

Happy Sunday! I have been at home with both of my teenage sons since they were born. I saw their first footsteps, heard their first words,
and I was there for almost every school party and assisting in the classroom. Many of other moms laughingly called me the "Martha Stewart" of classroom parties! Now that they are grown, several people tell me how bless I am to have sons that have never been in trouble. They are athletic and very body health conscious. I hope they continue the way they are and continue to grow into wonderful human beings! Please enter me in your drawing. I would love to win a size xl in the natural color. Many thanks,Cindi

Ginny said...

. What makes you the unique mom that you are? I don't know if this is unique, but I try to be very fair with my daughters. I also give up a lot, and work really hard to let my daughters take as many dance classes & they wish because they have such a love for it.

2. What color and size would you want if you won? I think I'd like the Natural in size M

3. Email address scrappydesigns at

4. Would you like our newsletter? Sure

Ann said...

I think we all are very unique moms in our own ways! For me as a mom of 3 it has to be patience at the moment. It might be something else next week ;) Just loving my kids unconditionally and showing them right from wrong.
I would love to win the black XXL.
ann dot guns at mac dot com
I would love to receive the newsletter.

Haute Again said...

Go Mamas Go!
You are all so awesome.

Danielle said...

I think as moms we are all unique we learn from our mother from the excellent to the failures & try to improve upon it.

Natural XL
Love to recieveyour newsletter

Unknown said...

For me, as a mom of 6, I get called 'unique' quite often :)
I love our big family and am so blessed to have each and every one of them! They are all different and have taught me that even though they were all raised in the same household w/the same rules, love, guidelines, etc., they are each unique too.
If I win, I'd love a black shirt in a size XL
and I'd love to receive your newsletter.

The Powell Family said...

I think I am unique in that I don't have all the answers, and I think it's ok that my kids know it. They know I love God, and that I look to him for guidance, and that's enough.
black, L, sure!

loripowell at gmail dot com
blesed mommy of Bethany Joy-7, Avery Faith-2, and Matthew Taylor-3 weeks

Unknown said...

I am the go to mom for fresh cookies, homework help, video games, etc.
I love the white T. goes with anything and also i'd like small.
sure that would be great i'd love your newsletter

Anonymous said...

My 3 daughters made me the unique mom that I am.
The black T/size large would be great but, sorry, my computer can't handle a newsletter right now.

mogrill said...

I would love the Black XXL!
I am a unique mom because I like to have fun with my kids and will play video games or dance around with them!

I'd love your newsletter!

Unknown said...

What makes me unique? I have two sons over 18 and one young daughter. I raised my children the way my mom raised me, to think for myself. My mom never told me I couldn't watch horror movies or read scary books and I've raised my children the same way. We're all horror movie junkies now.

I'd like the shirt in Natural, size Large.


yes to the newsletter

Jenna said...

1. I'm a single, stay-at-home mom-writer who has written 17 books, yet still can't find the words to explain how great I think my daughter is.

2. Black, size medium, please.

3. jg AT

4. I'm already on the list, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm known for my distraction techniques!

mar said...

i listen to children
Natural - color
no - newsletter

Anonymous said...

what makes me unique is my patients and my dedication to motherhood.
i'd like black
size XL
bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com
no not at this time


michelle michael said...

i let my girl get dirty and fall.
black, medium
i hope i win!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the mom to a former 28 weeker who just turned one and I am told that with all I have to endure with my son I am a strong person and very loving and great mom. Thats how I am unique.

I would love the black in size xxl.


Would love your newsleter!

jennem said...

My daughter was adopted from another country, and we have fully embraced her birth culture, and also the culture of transracial adoption itself. We do tons of volunteer work in the adoptive community. I say "we," because I have to give DH his credit too! He helps me to be the best mom I can be.
Black, small
jennem22 at yahoo dot com
No, thanks, I prefer to check back.

cdrury said...

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are?I raised three foster kids including my own and we were one big happy family!!! everyone was treated the same with tons of love and acceptance!

2. 2. What color and size would you want if you won? Black in M
4. Would you like our newsletter? no thanks

Uniquely Yours said...

What makes me unique? I let my daughter get messy and play with clay (the real stuff) I don't freak out when she gets dirty.

littlelatina said...

I try to make life as much fun as possible for my kids. I make sure they know they are loved but I want to instill some responsibility in them as well. I like the black in Medium and yes I'd love to get emails from your site as well!

Tobye said...

. What makes you the unique mom that you are? I don't think I'm the best, but I keep trying.

2. What color and size would you want if you won? Black, sz.M

3. Email address

4. Would you like our newsletter? Sure.

silverbele said...

I got up early and thought of ways to handle problems with my children so they were handled well .
I would like a white medium t shirt
no newsletter

silverbele said...

I got up early and thought of ways to handle problems with my children so they were handled well .
I would like a white medium t shirt
no newsletter

vboackle said...

i am unique just being silly me.medium, thanks

Anonymous said...

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are?

I'm a mom to five-year-old twins which is pretty special in and of itself, but I like to think that I have the ability to talk to them on their level and encourage them to really share their feelings. My kids come to me at all times and tell me what's on their minds. Now, if I can just get them to do this through their teenage years, I'll really have something to brag about.

2. What color and size would you want if you won?

Black, L

3. Email address

4. Would you like our newsletter?


Simply Sentimental said...

Love the t-shirt....
1. Well I don't know about being an unique mom but every morning I wake up and do my very best to raise y two boys to respect each other and everyone else they come in contact with throughout their day and teach them to ALWAYS say Please and Thank You.....To me those are 2 important things I think my boys need to learn in order to grow up and be wonderful men....
2. Black XXL
4. Sure!

Anonymous said...

1. I think that I am different than a lot of moms because I make sure to do crafts with my girls every day.

2. Black Large


4. Yep

Molly C. said...

I think I am a unique mom, because first off I am a mom to 5 boys. That in itself keeps me on my toes. lol I also am better than a pro, at multitasking.

If I won, I would love the black Tee in an XXL.
I would love your newsletter. :)

julesh said...

I left New Orleans with my daughter during Hurricane Katrina- and while that doesn't make me unique, trying to keep going and raise a happy child with out fear is something I do take pride in. She is the sweetest kiddo and I feel blessed to be her Mommy!

Thanks for this chance- Julie

Black, L,, sure!

Anonymous said...

1. I sometimes feel like I am a mom to 100 kids instead of just my 2 beautiful daughters. I run the youth services program for at-risk children and parenting education classes at our local elemnetary school during the school year and I am a summer camp director for a large camp every summer. What is really neat is that some of my former students are now parents of my girls' friends.

2. I wold love to win a black size small shirt

3. mmd1027 at aol dot com

4. Yes please!

bison61 said...

I think I'm very relaxed and patient with my children-they are kind and polite - I'm very proud of them

Black Tee

yes to newsletter

tiramisu392 (at)

Anonymous said...

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are?
I always say what on my mind

2. What color and size would you want if you won?
Natural in size Large

3. Email address

4. Would you like our newsletter?

noreen said...

I am just as silly as my girls
small in white
nor_lou at hotmail dot com
no, thank you

Amanda said...

I think I am totally willing to jump down on the floor and play with my son. Black in Large. amanda.funai at gmail dot com. No thanks for the newsletter.

Anonymous said...

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are? I am the fun mom. The one all the kids hang out with. I kinda like that

2. What color and size would you want if you won?

Large in Natural please


4. Would you like our newsletter? sure. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a unique mom because I am proud to be a slacker mom. I'm not a very good cook and my kids may not eat the healthiest meals, I sometimes forget to take my kids to appointments, I have been known to send my kids out in damp clothes because I didn't get around to doing laundry and have to rush the clothes through the dryer at the last minute. Despite all my flaws, I love my children more than anything in the world and I make sure they know how grateful I am to be their mom every single day. They are fantastic kids!

I would love the Natural t-shirt in size Medium.
would love the newsletter of coarse.


jfg06001 said...

1. I'm unique because everything gets turned into enrichment activity.
2. Natural M
3. jfg06001 AT cubDOTucaDOTedu
4. sure! Thanks

Anonymous said...

1.I've been fortunate that my kids not only love me, as adults they LIKE me! I've always maintained that parenting is an on-the-job training program!
2. Black, XXL please
4. I don't think your newsletter would apply to my situation, but thanks for offering.

Angela said...

1. I work really hard to see that Connor has everything he needs even though as a full time student cash is tight, I also try really hard to make sure he is his own person and not who I want him to be. I want to continue that as he grows even if it means he loves sports (lol I hate sports.. )
2. Black XL I guess
3. angelaandconnor at gmail dot com
4. Im on the newsletter already

I added you to prizeatron too :)

Anonymous said...

1. I want to enter this for my mom. My mom is the most optimistic person I know. She's so happy despite all her painfull illnesses but she doesn't let it hold her back. She's an all a round great example!
2. Natural XXL
4. No thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I accept my children for who they are and don't try to force them into a mold of my making. I enjoy everything they do but I don't live through them vicariously. I'm serious but I have a goofy side too so I feel like I'm well-rounded. I take the job of parenting very seriously and I enjoy it so much!
Black, size M
Yes to the newsletter

Ashley said...

1. I'm unique in that I really try not to overreact over subtle things, and I'm learning to pick my battles early on. I'm a first-time mom and will celebrate my son's first birthday on Mother's Day. I'm really learning to rely on my mother's instinct because it has served me so well thus far!
2. Natural M
3. ashdash_99 (at) yahoo (dot) com
4. No thanks.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

*I am a single mom of six kids.
*I make it look easy, even when I'm stressed out of my mind.
*I make sure to let my kids know how great they are.
*I am as much of a dork as they are.
*I'm still semi-sane!

2. What color and size would you want if you won?

Natural, X-large


4. I think I already get it!

Huguette En said...

1. I accept my kids for who they are, I'm patient, understanding, and I love them more than anything in the world and they know it. They know that they can tell me anything, and the amazing thing is, they do!
2. Black, large
4. yes

Re said...

1. I'm a unique mom because I insist that my kids negotiate their own arguments and punishments.
2. Natural size Medium
3. click my name to see email
4. no thanks to the newsletter

Erica G said...

1. I try to incorporate choices for my chhildren into everything. i want them to be able to make decisions and be confident about them. They choose what they wear and help selecting dinners and lunches for the week, etc.
2. Natural Medium
3. egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com
4. no thanks

Estela said...

1. Because I'm a full-time administrative assistant, a full-time student, and yet I always find time for my children!

2. Black in a size L

3. easagredo at yahoo dot com

4. Sure!

Anonymous said...

1 ) My meatloaf
2 ) Black, Large
3 )
4 ) No, thanks.

Anonymous said...

1. I try to make each of my four kids feel special- we do lots of "Mommy Time" which means I need some Mom-"me" time!

2. Hmmm, any color you have available. Size M


Sure, sign me up. And can I buy the shirt if I don't win it?

william said...

i want to win xxl natural

Anonymous said...

I still have the ability to see things through my kids' eyes, so we connect really well :)
Black XXL please

froggypartyof2 at

pancak said...

1. I am a unique Mom because we all are unique. No mom/kid has the same set of personalities as my kids and I do.

2. Natural M please.

3. Email in profile.

4. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here goes lets see if I can remember all the components needed to win, in this midlife it gets a little hectic!!!! Ha!!!! 1. Uniqueness is being an individuality without conformity; yet the necessity to live that no man is an island to himself/herself; 2. Black-Large or Medium; 3.; Best of luck to all who enter and Happy Mother's Day to ALL. Many Thanks SW

Noggy said...

1. In truth, I belong to a "group of unique" women who have made the conscious decision to set aside their own personal aspirations in order to dedicate themselves full time to raising their children. A decision I might add, whose rewards are priceless.

2. Black, XXL
3. Email in blog profile
4. yes

Unknown said...

1. Love, Compassion, Understanding and Generosity 2. White M 3. 4. No

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most interesting Mother's Day contests because you ask for uniqueness...Sadly, I read all the glowing Mother's comments about how great a job they have done and it reminds me that I wasn't the best Mom I could have been. But I didn't know see, I never had a Mom. But I learned everything the hard way and know I'll be better with the grandchildren. Guess it makes me unique to confess my ineptitude at motherhood the first time around. If I were to win...could you please send the shirt in XL and Black...thank you.

Heather said...

1) I am a far left agnostic liberal and I have made the choice to have a larger than normal family (four so far) and we home school :-) It seems pretty normal to use but it's pretty unusual.
2) Natural in Medium
3) Email in blog profile
4) no thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

My name is Kathleen.
I am really not unique at all. I tried to raise 3 children the best way I knew how. I always let them know that I loved them unconditionally.

If I win I would like to have the black XXL.

Yes, I would like to get your newsletter.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I on't know that I am a unique Mom. :-) I just try my hardest and love my child as much as I can. I try to read to him often and feed him organic foods etc. too.
black xxl(I am pregnant
no thanks :-)

GALENA said...

my children are grown now but i have always tried to list options and let them choose. along with the options i would also state the pros and cons of each or and there drawl backs. natural xxl

mrstrooper said...

I keep communication open with my children...they can come tell me anything...and I ask everyday about how things went at school.

Natural size XXL

E-mail in blog profile. thank you,

Anonymous said...

I am a very unique single mother. I am a mother 24/7 365 days a year and have always been so since the day my beautiful daughter was born. But she only knows all the love and support that I can give it. Yes, it's hard but oh so definitely worth it!

Black, L

newsletter - yes

Tim Sternberg said...

All I want to do is try my best.

Black, L

Anonymous said...

I am a work at home mom with a 6 month old son... and I still have most of my hair!! Does that make me unique?? :-)

2. Black XXL


4. yes, please

Anonymous said...

1. What makes you the unique mom that you are?Im positive
2. 2. What color and size would you want if you won?black xxl Black, White or Natural in S, M, L, XL and XXL.
4. Would you like our newsletter?Yes

lilyk said...

1. my quirky sense of humor
2. white large
4. already subscribed

Donna said...

I like teaching my children.
Black XXL

rosannepm said...

I am smart and have high standards and expectations for myself and them. I would like natural in size medium
Think I already get the newsletter