Wednesday, March 5, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Get in the spirit with these cuties. (Green and Spud)
Because we are both from Irish decent, we just had to do this.

We will be giving away one design to two lucky winners at random.
This is a quick one, deadline is Tuesday, March 11, 2008, after 7:00 pm PST. Please remember to give us your email. This is so we can contact you and not put your entry back in the bowl.

You need to tell us three things:

1. What is your favorite thing Irish?
Besides the obvious, Daniel Day Lewis and Liam Neeson.

2. Which design you would like?

3. Which size?
3-6m and 6-12m

12-18m and 18-24m

Kids T-shirts
XS (2-4) S (6-8) M(10-12) L(14-16)



Anonymous said...

Fave thing Irish is Saint Aidan whom I named my son after. Would like the green shirt is size XS please.
Stephanie V.

Karin said...

I like the shamrock --I have a cute shamrock ring I sometimes wear. I always think it's lucky!

The green tee
Kids T-shirt

Toystory said...

My Irish Mother - who taught me so many great things - mostly about God and cooking :) Onesie 12 months. (potato or spud) ~~

Miscellany Mom said...

St Patty's Day! Specifically the 4 leaf clover and the wonderful GREEN that we all wear that day... so fun! I like the SPUD onesie! Size 6-12 mo. THANKS! carter.katelyn(at)

Sky said...

My favorite things are my daughters red hair,(thank you Irish ancestors), and my son's fiery temper!

Potato shirt...too cute! Onesie 6-12 months.

Kari said...

My two boys who both have a bit of Irish blood in them and have Irish middle names (Patrick and Liam) the younger of the two who has fiery red hair to match. :)

Green tee - 6-8

Anonymous said...

I love the green beer sold at the Irish pubs on St. Patty's Day (I actually don't drink it, but I think it's a cute idea).

The spud lap-t in 18-24m please.

Anonymous said...

Wearing of the green! Nowadays ya gotta do what you can to everyone to Go Green!
Kids size 14-16

Anonymous said...

My favorite Irish thing is James Joyce (I know I will score big points with Tom for this one!). :-)

Steph said...

My favorite Irish things are my Grandpa, the culture, the music and most of all U2!. I like the Green t-shirt in size S (6-8).

mverno said...

i love the shamrock the spud lap 8-24 mnths

agordon10 said...

my crazy irish momma!

Anonymous said...

Guinness! They're all so cute, I can't choose.

jenny said...

oh boy ever are thay all so cute any one will do i verry much like to get one for my little one

Anonymous said...

Ahh my first reaction was Lucky Charms haha But I would have to say the leprachaun at the end of the rainbow!

Green Tee in Medium would be what I would choose!

peg42 said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway. These shirts and onsies are so adorable.
My favorite thing Irish is my hubby and corned beef and cabbage.
I like the kids green t-shirt the best.
If I win, I'd love size large.
Thank you for much.

Anonymous said...

My favorite irish thing is the claddaugh and my daughter. I love the spud onesie, in 6-12 months, that way it will fit the baby on the way for next time around!

num1twinkie at yahoo dot com

Princess Golden Hair said...

my favorite irish things? my boys of course. Cause their mommy was irish and they are irish too. I love the spud onezi size newborn


Green beer, Green tee, size 6T

Debye said...

The Luck of the Irish for me! I would love the spud lap 18-24 months

HilLesha O'Nan said...

Red Hair ~lol~
Green Tee

Anonymous said...

I love corned beef ruben sandwiches!

Spud onesie 6-12 mo


Anonymous said...

I love 4 leaf clovers! I like the green shirt in tshirt size 18-24 mos!

ky2here said...

Let's see, my favorite Irish thing would be Irish Soda Bread with currants and kosher salt. I make this when I'm not too schized out. I'll make some next week.

I'd love the green onesie size 3-6 months.

Unknown said...

My favorite things Irish are my police officer father and brother and my retired officer grandfather!

I'd love the 3-6 mo. spud onesie for my little tater tot.

Marissa said...

My favorite Irish thing are my gillies! :) Gotta love irish dancing...
If I win, I'd like the green shirt in size Small.
md-sweeps (at) hotmai (d0t) com

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great contest

enter me please

pethof (at) gmail (dot) com

love Irish Pubs


buggies908 said...

Green beer!
Green Tee in XS

Meredith said...

Irish humour in story telling.
Green in kids L

misternat1 said...

favorite is corned beef & cabbage

like the i'm the little brother lap tee 12-18mo

sweetsue said...

I like leprechauns! I would choose the green shirt in size 18-24 mths.

EmiliaV said...

Winegar chips :)
the spud onezi size newborn, please.

Anonymous said...

my son Patricks name Green T shirt xsmall

cluster77 said...

My favorite thing about St. Patricks day is the 4 leaf clover.

I would love the green tshirt in size 6

vboackle said...

my fave thing irish is the 4 leaf clover.
my fave design is the green onesie in 6-9 months size.

silverbele said...

I like the green T shirt in a large size

tatertot374 said...

Lucky 4 leaf clover
green tshirt in a size 4
thank you!!!

Unknown said...

1) leprechauns are awesome! (even better than my brother-in-law)
3)6-12m onesie

Erica C. said...

I'm a sucker for all things green (hence my favorite Irish thing).
Since I have so much green, I'd like to switch things up and get the Spud onesie in 3-6m.
so cute!

mousitch said...

Green is my thing. Shamrocks really do rock. If chosen id like Green t-shirt in size S (6-8)

Anonymous said...

I grew up listening to Irish music so I have an instrinsic fondness. Id choose the Green t-shirt in size Small for my son.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Irish "thing" would have to be the actor Aidan Quinn. Next would be a dinner of corned beef and cabbage and boiled potatoes. Perfection would be to have that dinner with Aidan Quinn!!!
I'd love the Green t-shirt in a size 6 please.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing irish is my daughter. I would like the onesies in size 3- mon. Makes the baby irish and environmental.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is my claddagh necklace that I received some years ago to celebrate my Irish heritage. I would like the "green" t shirt in size 10-12 please.

Anonymous said...

Of course corned beef & cabbage but the leprecon's pot of gold comes close as second.

I love the little spud onsie. This will be great for my new gradson.


Anonymous said...

What is your favorite thing Irish?

2. Which design you would like?

3. Which size?
Kids T-shirts L(14-16)

dolls123 (at) gmail (dot) com

yellowlabs said...

I love the shamrocks. I would like the Green design in size 10-12

Andrea said...

My favorite thing Irish?? I love their accents! :)

And my favorite design is the Spud design...although I also love your Cute3 one!!

And I'd love it in a 3-6 month onesie

Anonymous said...

My favorite Irish thing is my grandaughter. I like the spud design in 3-6 month size Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love St. Patrick's day because it is my birthday so the party is about me! And my daughter's name is an Irish name, Fallon.

I love the GREEN tshirt in size 10-12 for kids.
Tricia hockeygalnc @ hotmail dot com (without the spaces of course)

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

1. Favorite thing Irish is Irish Soda Bread.

2. Love the Spud design since my son's nickname is Spud!

3. Kids side S (6-8)

Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

bison61 said...

I like Irish coffee
green t-shirt size xs

tiramisu392 (at)

Shama-Lama Mama said...

I just love irish music! Andy M. Stewart rocks! I would love the green shirt in XS. Great giveaway! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Remember those shamrock shakes that McDonald's used to have at St. Patrick's Day? I would have to say that's my favorite "Irish" thing, although it's not really Irish. I would love the green design in a kids size medium.

Anonymous said...

Riverdancers! Green in 14-16.

eell said...

I like Irish music.
Green T-Shirt
Size Large

Anonymous said...

I would have to say Cillian Murphy, he's so cute! If I win I'd like the green shirt in large

~JEWEL~ said...

Mmmmmmmmm Irish coffees is my favorite Irish thing
T-shirt MEDIUM size pleae


KISSaholic4life said...

Green beer on tap ROCKS!

Green Lap-ts 12-18m

Tuesday Girl said...

I love Irish names mine and my family's.
I like the spud onsie in 6-12 months!

Anonymous said...

I would love the My Sign tshirt in white - Cancer, size 14-16
Such cute things at your site!

Maude Lynn said...

My favorite thing Irish is my husband!

I like the green tee in kids XS.

Anonymous said...

My favorite things Irish are shamrocks and leprechauns.

Nanette Olson

Anonymous said...

My favorite things irish are Firemen! I would like the Green T in M(10-12)

edq143 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing Irish is the love of my life... my wife. And a fine Irish girl she is!

The t-shirt should be large and green of course.

May all your days be Irish.

Unknown said...

I love the irish music and the Irish accent!! :) Makes me wanna go to Ireland!

Kids t-shirt XS (2-4).

Anonymous said...

Irish music is my favorite thing Irish. Finnegan's Wake is my absolute favorite.
I like the green tee in XS.

bfox74 said...

My favorite Irish thing is my grandaughter! Not only Irish, but her birthday is March 17th. Would love to give her the green tee, kids size small.

Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops2 said...

I love the St. Patricks Day parades and all the GREEN!!!!

If I were to win I'd like the Green T-shirt, kids size XS.


Anonymous said...

I love the spud shirt in 2-4 please thanks

Anonymous said...


Green T-shirt, large

noreen said...

my irish grandma
Green T shirt size small

nor_lou [at]

Anonymous said...

My Irish ex-husband. He really isn't THAT bad. LOL

Green shirt in size small would look cute on my 5 year old daughter.

Unknown said...

I love the spirit on St Patty's day...the way people go all out and are so jovial on that day!

the green shirt in 12-18 mo


Jinxy and Me said...

My favorite Irish thing is potatoes!!! I would love the "green" shirt in 3-6m. Thanks for a great contest!

Anonymous said...

1. My grandfather and potatoes are my favorite Irish thing!

2. The green shirt.

3. Size XS please

candpsmomj at aol dot com

Angela said...

Id love to have the green shirt in 6-12m

My favorite irish thing is Irish Cobs (yum.. a type of horse.. and ive always dreamed of owning one) and of course i can't live without corn beef and cabbage... easily one of my top ten favorite meals!

I blogged you on Prizeatron!

Unknown said...

My favorite thing Irish is Irish Whiskey. Green T-shirt Large

Hélène said...

Irish Cream and corned beef with cabbage.

Green t shirt

lilyk said...

1. corned beef and cabbage
2. Spring Chicken
3. L (14-16)

carissaad said...

My favorite Irish thing is St. Patrick's Day. Green T XS please.

redron said...

My favorite Irish thing is ME.

I would like the green T Large

masonsgranny59 said...

red hair, green,Lap-ts

Anonymous said...

Love the Leporchams.
green oneis, sz 3-6mos
thank you

Lisa said...

Our family's last name (Donaghue). Green t-shirt, XS

Erica G said...

My favorite thing Irish is luck!

I like the sweet pea onsie in 3-6 mnths.

Donna said...

I like 4 leaf clover.
The green tee
Kids T-shirt
size L

Unknown said...

My husband Pat born on St. Patricks day and my youngest son named Patrick. The green one in 6-12 months.Rosanne M